Electronic Product Design and Contract Manufacturing
RSD Communications Ltd is a privately owned company which was formed in 1987 by Patrick McGrorty and John A. Ross.

Today RSD is recognised as an innovative product design and contract manufacturer.

In the early 90's the company designed a D/D2 MAC decoder called the MiniMac as an economical alternative to brand name decoders and at a much reduced cost. This then lead to a long term contract partnership with a major satellite company in Sweden, "Macab". Following this success RSD produce two new MAC decoders, the MAC200 for the domestic customer and the MAC250 for commercial users. In 1997 the company was voted outright winners of the Business Innovation Award for their development of a new satellite TV receiver. The receiver was manufactured using half the components of major brands and was mass produced in Sweden.

At their custom built and owned research, development and manufacturing plant RSD have produced many successful and creative products for small and large companies in many industries and is now firmly established as a one stop shop for customised electronic product designs and contract manufacturing. Today RSD supports a lot more customers but remains firmly grounded by retaining its core values and principles which were established at the companies beginning. To provide efficient, honest, real world solutions for its clients earning a modest living along the way.

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